Logojoy’s MultiColor Logo Variations

Logojoy’s new multicolor logo tool aims to strike the balance between flexibility of choice and optimal design through intelligent color variations. 

Using our variation-based approach to design, users can navigate color classes to find optimal colors for any feature of their logo.  Below are some helpful tips and a small guide to understanding how to use this new tool.

Some Color Background

One challenge with self-selecting colors is not just finding colors that look great together, but also finding colors that don’t dominate each other out of view for the human eye. 

One way to measure this is by determining the “readability” of colors, an intelligent measure of contrast between contacting colors. Below are two logos, one of which suffers from colors that are too close on the color spectrum and therefore can be very difficult for our eyes to read. The other has a substantial enough contrast to be legible.

When selecting colors, Logojoy attempts to guide the user through color options by assessing the current colors in the logo and adjusting the colors so that they're as legible as possible. 

Preference is given to the features being targeted for coloring. This will allow the user to browse colors within the class they're searching, while also not completely altering the other colors in the logo to a different class. Whenever you select a color class, Logojoy selects a color from the color class that correlates well with other colors in your logo and then adjusts how it and the surrounding colors fit into your logo.


How it works

When you open the color options, you'll be presented with features that you can color. Only features in the layout can be colored and when you change layouts the available color options will also change.



Logojoy allows you to see variations for one color feature at a time, or you can select multiple features together for coloring. This means that you can edit just the symbol, company name, and slogan, or edit any of the elements together. 

However,  to ensure that you can only color elements that don't conflict, some multi-selections will be prevented. For example, features with colors that connect cannot be selected for coloring together, because if you do, the features will blend into one color. When you're happy with a color variation, you can click that logo to update your logo with those colors.

Whenever you unselect all the color tags, the variations will disappear and you'll be left with the view of your current logo. This also happens when switching between the background tag and any feature; we want you to be able to see your logo's colors when jumping through color transition states.

Changing Layouts

When changing layouts after coloring, Logojoy will preserve your colors if it can; otherwise, it may make some small adjustments so that your logos features are always visible. 

For example, if you have a logo with white text contained in a dark container and try to preview your logo with no container, preserving the font color will result in the text blending into the background and disappearing. Logojoy recognizes this and adjust the color of your logos text for you.

Container Layout => Plain text  


Special Features

Quick-click features like custom colors and gold foil will remove the displayed variations and color your logo immediately with the color selected. White is provided as a handy reset feature because it makes the perfect contrast background to see most other color options. 

Whenever you’re stuck on a color palette, you can always find new inspiration by adding some white back into your logo. Using custom color will override the color in the logo without using the adjuster. Even though we use artificial intelligence wherever we can, ultimately, it's your logo, so you should have full control in the coloring process when you want it!

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