All of our logo packages are sent as a .zip file, which is a way to compress the files and send them all as one folder. Zip files are not a common file type that is often downloaded, and are sometimes associated with viruses, but our logos from our site and through our emails are secure downloads.

Some internet browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox have safety features built in to them to prevent malicious downloads from making their way onto your computer, and they send warnings when downloading them. If you use one of these browsers you may have experienced this issue when trying to download our files. To learn how to open the files follow the instructions below.

Google Chrome:

  1. Click on the download link that we provide in your email
  2. It will ask you to specify a folder to download it in (usually in your "Downloads" folder)
  3. Press "Save"
  4. On the bottom of your screen you will see it downloading, and when it is done you may get an error saying " is not commonly downloaded and may be dangerous"
  5. Click on the little arrow pointing up next to "Discard"
  6. On the menu that pops up click "Keep"
  7. You can now click on the folder icon to open up your zipped logo files.
  8. To learn how to extract your logo files click to see this article: How do I extract the files you sent me?


  1. Click on the download link we provide in your email
  2. You will get a pop up window saying "You have chosen to open: Which is: Compressed (zipped) Folder from What should Firefox do with this file?"
  3. Press "Save File", then "OK"
  4. Click on the Downloads arrow in the top right hand corner of your screen, it should have changed color.
  5. You may get an error that says "This file is no commonly downloaded and may not be safe to open. It may contain a virus or make unexpected changes to your programs and settings. You can search for an alternate download source or try again later."
  6. Click "Open"
  7. You will then see your downloaded folder pop up on your screen with your logo files

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