If you purchase the Premium or Enterprise packages, Logojoy allows you to make changes and re-download your logo without the assistance of customer support within the first 72 hours of purchasing your logo. That means you can make changes to your color, font, spacing, wording, symbol and layout. You can make your changes directly on your purchased logo during that time.

After the 72 hour window, you can contact us via support@logojoy.com or through the blue chat bubble in the bottom right-hand corner (we'll respond as soon as we can during business hours), and we'll help you receive your changes from the Premium or Enterprise packages, as long as it is for the same company of your original purchase. 

To make changes outside the initial 72 hours, you'll have to duplicate your logo by clicking the two overlapping squares in the top left of your logo. Go back to your saved logos and then click the duplicated logo (you may need to hit Refresh for it to show up). Make changes to your duplicate, then follow the instructions our support team has given you to download your new logo files.

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