With the premium package, your logo can be used in every way a business wants to use their logo. Business cards, billboards, websites, social media, engraving products, stickers, large storefront signs etc.

With the package, you are sent a folder with high-resolution copies of your logo in various file formats (SVG, EPS, PDG and PNG) and color schemes. This gives you many options and allows all the printing stations and engraving, graphics and developing companies to produce whichever product you want them to produce if you want to reproduce your logo.

You will also receive a brand guideline from us. This document details the names of the fonts used in your logo as well as the color codes. This means you can have consistency with your website and other text you use to align with your logo as well as the ability to create products and environments that match the colors of your logo and company. 

With every Premium package you will also receive Social Media Assets that have been pre-sized for all of your social media needs. Whether it is for posting on Facebook, Instagram or even in your online Etsy shop, you'll receive over 40 different assets.

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