To change the color of your company name, follow the steps and the GIF below:

  1. Click the logo you would like to edit
  2. In the top menu select "Edit name"
  3. On the far left, click the circle menu option to view color variations
  4. In the color menu you are able to choose recently selected color options, suggest colors from our AI, or enter in a specific color hex value in order to find your perfect color.
  5. Once you've finished choosing your color, your logo preview will update with your new color choice

*NB: If you are trying to make changes to a logo you have already purchased, you will not have the editing options available after the first initial 24 hours of purchasing your Premium logo files. Follow the instructions in this article to learn how to make changes to a purchased logo

You can also see color variations of any feature, including text, background, container, symbol.

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