After you purchase the Enterprise Package, one of our designers will contact you to review your logo options and discuss what your vision is for your design and business. 

After you’ve come to an agreement, the designer will work on your logo and send you mock-ups until you’re satisfied with the result. If you need additional time with the designer, you can purchase it through our add-ons.

While the design time does allow for custom work, you are limited to one hour, so extensive changes may not be possible. 

Sample information you can provide the designer to make your time more effective:

  • Your Company: what your business does
  • Logo Vibe: emotion(s) you're trying to evoke through your logo
  • Logo Changes: any specific changes you have in mind to the existing logo you purchased

Below are examples of what our designer can do with your one hour of time, however if you are unsure if our designer can make your specific change, please email details of your changes before purchasing the Enterprise package.

  • Combining two symbols into one 
  • Editing the font to include extra flourishes
  • Adding a new gradient that is not available on on our website
  • Improving an existing symbol
  • Creating a customized font layout
  • Editing a symbol so it becomes part of the text

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