Logo Font

We do not send the font .TTF or .OTF files found in your logo as part of our logo packages, however we do include the font names as part of our Brand Guidelines

Our Brand Guidelines give you not only the names of the fonts used, but the color codes and information on best practices for your logo. With these font names, you may look them up online and download them from the creator. You can access this information with the purchase of the Enterprise package, or as an add-on for the Basic and Premium package.

For additional information, please review our article on package add-ons.

Font Pair

With every Premium and Enterprise purchase, we include the option to download a Font Pair. This product includes a free font pair (one header font and one body font) to complement the typeface used in your logo. These may not be the fonts used in your logo, however they are designed to work with the style you've chosen. (Eg. Sans Serif, Modern, Vintage, Bubbly, etc.)

After downloading these fonts, you can use them on your website, posters, brochures, and more. You can also add them to your word processor for use on letterheads and other marketing assets.

*Note: Some of the fonts do have a cost in order to receive the proper legal license to use it for your merchandise, stationary or website. 

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